Thursday, July 9, 2009

In-Class Task 1

Hello to u..
First thing first, since this is the first time we meet, let me say a lil bit about myself... ;)

My name is Nurul Zaimah Binti Noor Zamry and I'm from Ampang, Selangor. I'm just an ordinary student who is now in part 8 in UiTM..just can't believe it!! haha... I really look forward to this class as it sounds interesting and practical for me.

Well, when we talk about skills and knowledge of computers, i must say that i'm still novice in this area... =p There are a few software that i know on how to utilize it like microsoft word, power point, excel and publisher. Those are the very basic software that I can handle...

Unfortunately, I must say that I don't have any hardware skills and knowledge in computers. Therefore, I really hope I will get the exposure in this class. =)

During my leisure hours, I love to do some activities from the net. For instance, updates with my colleague in Facebook, google information, look up for pictures, play the internet games, download songs but I rarely download videos from the net..huhu...

i can still remember, during my pre-degree level, i did a website about myself using HTML in one of the courses offered at that time. It's kind of challenging for me because like i said earlier don't have much knowledge about designing a website and so i have to start from scratch....but Alhamdulillah i manage to complete the task and hoping that it will help me for this course too.
Back when i was a trainee teacher doing my practicum in SMK Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, I am thankful becauase the school is very well IT-equipped. I can always use the computer lab as well as the language lab that can provide me with various courseware for the lesson. In fact, I did my teaching and learning using the courseware and it works!!! the students really like it and of course they enjoyed the lesson. Besides that, I always keep in touch with my supervisor's site in i-learn and from there i can link to many English Language site to show to the students. In my point of view, teaching using the technology nowadays can really capture students attention and makes the class more interesting. It's beacuse the students are able to do hands-on learning apart from the colourful layout, pictures and sounds. Hence, when Dr. Izaham mentioned about evalauting courseware, i'm relief because it doesn't sound alien for me at all unlike some of my friends who never had a chance to use it in school...

Last but not least, as for now I'm excited to embark the new semester with new courses which are more challenging and definitely one of those is CALL.. ;)
I hope that everything will go smoothly and we shall enjoy the semester with colourful layout of blogs and updates from friends...yeahhh!! ;)

till then....c ya...


  1. After many years of chalk and talk they look forward for a change in the teaching and learning process