Friday, September 11, 2009


LEVEL : Form 4

TIME : 80 minutes

AIM(S) : To upload videos and persuade friends to watch them using persuasive

speech (listening and speaking skill)


  • One computer for each student with an Internet connection and a Web Browser.
  • Speaker

Websites :


  1. Locate sites that can offer uploading videos within the networking. Eg,
  2. Prepare a worksheet for the lesson.


  1. Ask the students to sign up for an account if they do not have any yet.
  2. Search for an interesting video first on “how to make cupcakes” from

  1. Then, locate the video tab in facebook homepage and upload the video based on the instruction given.
  2. Teacher shows a demo on how to upload the video to the students.
  3. Teacher distributes the worksheet on persuasive speech outline to the students.
  4. The students brainstorm on the points to persuade others to add him and watch the video that they have uploaded.
  5. Teacher calls one by one to present their speech based on the written outline.
  6. One student is supposed to persuade his classmates to add him and watch the video as well as relay comments whenever appropriate.


  1. Students try to find out any other interesting video so that it can be shared with the added friends.
  2. Browse through the friends’ page and send comments or suggestions on their uploaded video.


  1. Errr, sorry I could not figure out the connection between the cup cake video and persuasive speech

  2. may be students try to persuade their friends to try the cup cake that they hv choose? urm...

  3. Sir,
    what i meant was student is supposed to persuade his friends to add him and watch the video.
    they have to use the persuasive speech skill in order to ensure that friends add him so that they can watch the video.

  4. o0o0o0 oic... now i get it... so... after the students pick a video and upload it in their facebook, they must persuade their friend to add them as friend, so the friend can browse the video on how to make the cupcakes.... i get it.... nice... like selling their facebook acct to their friends!